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Hanging Water Feeder for Birds

Organized by Green Club in Association with NSS Unit 48 and Nature Club

Green Club, in collaboration with NSS Unit 48 and Nature Club, orchestrated a significant event aimed at fostering environmental consciousness and supporting local bird populations. The initiative involved the installation of Hanging Water Feeders for Birds within the campus premises.

Event Highlights:

• The program commenced with an inauguration ceremony led by Dr. Aboo Ishaque PK, who symbolically hung and filled the water in the feeder pot, marking the official commencement of the initiative.
• Students and coordinators from each participating club enthusiastically contributed to the execution of the project by actively engaging in the process of hanging the feeder pots across the campus.
• The event served as a platform for fostering teamwork, environmental awareness, and community engagement, as participants collaborated to create a positive impact on the local ecosystem.