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World Consumer Rights Day

PG Department of Commerce Marks World Consumer Rights Day with "Fair and Responsible AI" Theme

On March 15, 2024, the Postgraduate Department of Commerce commemorated World Consumer Rights Day with an awareness campaign held in Pilathara town. The theme for the day, "Fair and Responsible AI," underscored the importance of ethical and equitable practices in artificial intelligence.

Students engaged in discussions on consumer rights, highlighting the significance of fair trade practices and the protection of consumer interests. The Head of Department also addressed the gathering, emphasizing the role of informed consumer choices in promoting a fair marketplace.

As part of the campaign, students distributed awareness pamphlets to residents of Pilathara town, aiming to empower them with knowledge about their rights as consumers and the implications of AI in shaping these rights.

The event served as a platform to foster awareness and dialogue on consumer rights, equipping individuals with the necessary information to make informed decisions and advocate for fair and responsible practices in the marketplace.